Old memories

Welcome, to the magestic room of old memories.

Now, why did I create this pointless page?

First of all, it’s my website.

Second, since I am proud of what I did in the past (not everything though), I wanted to rescue some pictures of another blog I used to have and post them here, as a reminder of what made me the blogger I am now. Here they are!


When I was a SuperFolder-in-progress, I made the two cover stars of the first two books of the Origami Yoda series.


My good ol’ header. My other WordPress user has the same pic as its profile picture.

doctor who 12 origami

That’s an origami Twelfth Doctor I made when BBC released the first picture of him.


An Origami Yoda reference. The caption says: “I’m taking the Emperor to his origami class this afternoon. I hope these resources are ready when we get back”. 


The cover yoda that made me begin this website :3


And finally this Fumiaki Kawahata yoda I made. I felt so proud… it sucks actually.

Well that’s all! Thank you for reading this! Why don’t you go and check out some other stuff around here?


10 thoughts on “Old memories

  1. storiesbystacy January 30, 2017 / 1:26 pm

    I’m gonna sigh too because it’s awkward when one person sighs and everyone else is silent. *Sigh*

    Liked by 1 person

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